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Maternity FAQ

Parents to be hands wolding newborn babay shoes in Maternity photo shoot in bhopal shoot by Dheer Photography
  • 1.When should I book my Newborn Session?
    The right time to take a newborn photography session is within 5-15 days
  • 2. My baby is already born, is it too late to schedule?"
    Not at all! Best time to shoot a new born is between 5-15 days but we can try for it.
  • 3. How long is a Newborn session?
    Duration for session is according to the package that you have selected, normally the session is been conducted for an hour.
  • 4. What can I do to prepare for the session?
    Try to keep your newborn awake for an hour prior to the session and plan to feed your baby just prior to the shoot. Carry baby diapers and wipes or napkins along with you.
  • 5. Should I bring any Props?
    All props are been provided but in case you are having some concepts in your mind you can discuss with us and then we can work upon it.
  • 6. Are family images included?
    Yes, depending on the package you request.
  • 7. What light do you use?
    I use both Natural light and studio lights.
  • 8. When I will get final images?
    Normally, we deliver final images after two weeks from the day of shoot. But in case if you want the files on the day you want then it will be chargeable as we have a lot of work in queue and it will be hard for us to process so fast.
  • 9. How many images can I expect to receive?
    You will receive according to the package you have selected. If you want more images then it will be charged extra.
  • 10. Can I get the Raw files?
    I don’t release any images not included with this set of final images.
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