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Maternity Couple Shoot

Maternity is a very special gift. Giving birth to a life is an exclusion

infant shoot nine month baby girl

capture their every happy moment, their every sweet expression treasure it

One year baby girl eat cake

Your first taste of sugar became your first bath of sugar. Let them eat cake! And let them stay little. A first birthday is a perfect excuse to try some cake

Newborn Baby Yellow Colour wrap

Newborns is a gift to humans, they bring a part of heaven with them

four year kids wearing green t-shirt play fun chrismas setup

Toddlers keep growing everyday, before you know it

baby birthday cake

It's been a beautiful dream watching grow

About Me

Hey there! Im so glad you’re here!

                                 My name is Dheer and Im a photographer based in Bhopal MP . Im a Father to the sweetest Two boys and married to my colleague sweetheart. Ive been obsessed with photography since high school, but took the big leap as a full time photographer about Seven years ago and never looked back.

I absolutely love what I do though. I love that this career allows me to explore new places and constantly meet new people with whom I can create real connections. How I can freeze in time a precious moment in their life just for them, to hold forever, that means everything to me. This is ultimately the reason why I do this job, to make art yes, but most importantly to make memories for you!

I love ideas and spend large amounts of time thinking about them. I love people, and I love capturing the raw, quirky, interesting, imperfect and beautiful things about them. I enjoy the variations of human expression and relationships and hope to be able to preserve some of them for you! I love how a photo can so simply bring back a memory, evoke emotion, tell a story. If you are interested in having me help tell yours, feel free to send me an email and we will make a plan!

Newborn & Maternity Studio

Wedding Portfolio


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 Address: 102, Sahyog Tower First Floor E-8 Trilanga Near Traffic Signal Infront of Makhanlal T-point, Main Rd, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh Indian 462039

Call : +91 9074666606

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